You are what you eat, unless you are a drone in which case you are what you are packing.  Drones can carry equipment to attach to their frames which determines their capability. 

Drones are made up of at least a Drone Frame and Drone Power Pack. The frame describes its body – how much space it can carry, whether it mounts a turret and how much weight can be lifted.

Drone power packs are their main life blood – providing power to all drone systems. Power packs have a finite amount of power they can deliver before requiring a recharge and charge which is the power that can be drained each turn.

Once you have the frame and the power everything else is up to you – want to be bristling with weapons? go for it. Rather a cautious approach and fill up on armour? you can do that too. Or how about travelling light and mounting a decent scanner and a loot grabber? Get in grab the loot, get out.

Equipment Lists


Frames And Power