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Battling robots, programming challenges and cloud based architecture, Boondoggle has it all.  Check out the releases page for the current state of the project or the Get Started page to get started programming your own Bot!

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What is Boondoggle?

Boondoggle is primarily a game, with one component of it aimed at programmers being able to write the AI that is used in the game for the “drones” that then take part in challenges.  You can play the game without being a programmer, and use components that have been done for you – or you can try your hand at programming to create the best ever drone!

What? Slow Down a bit….

Ok, the long version.  Boondoggle is a game, which is based in a world where only Drones can leave the buildings.  You need to send your drone on missions to gather resources.  However to do that your drone needs a Drone chassis and powerpack and any weaponry that you see fit and of course an AI to control it on its journey!  

The AI is the bit that can be programmed, by you or someone else.  You write code in one of the supported languages and you control every aspect of the behaviour of the drone.  Is it agressive? does it run from conflict?  does it carry tonnes of loot or wander around armed to the teeth?  its all up to you.  

These AI components are represented in the game as CPU units installed into the drones and they can be created and uploaded by you or other developers.

Ok… I think i get that …. How do I….

How do I create a CPU then?  Head over to the Getting Started Making A Drone Page….

How do I just Play?  Head over to the Just Play the Game Page…..