Creating Drone control units.

Creating a DCU (Drone Control Unit) for the drones to use is the programming challenge element to boondoggle.  This guide will walk you through the steps to get started on this task and create your first battle worthy drone control unit.  Drone control units can be uploaded to the game servers where they can be loaded into the drones and used to carry out missions.  A successfull DCU can also be sold to others to use in their drones or make it into the halls of fame!

Currently Supported Languages: C#

Getting Started using C# to Build a DCU.

Step 1 – Download Boondoggle Simulator.

The simulator will allow you to run your DCU locally and debug and test it.  While it provides only a very basic environment it will let you test your DCU in the relative safety of your own environment.  In the game the simulator is within the safe office space and is how you prepare your drone for combat.

See this page on how to download and run the simulator.

Step 2 – Create a new .net standard library (or framework if you prefer).

The new project only needs a reference to the boondoggle nuget package.  This nuget package brings down the base drone which is what is needed to integrate with the game engine.  

Step 3 – Run The Simulator!

Your bot wont actually do anything, bit the simulator should run straight away.

Step 4 – Add your Masterplan!

Add code to your DCU  to make the best ever Drone control unit that there was – for a walk through of creating a basic DCU see the Right Turn Drone Reference Guide which will build a very basic drone.

Step 5 – <Coming Soon>

Release your DCU into the Market!