Beta Equipment

Cobbled Together Rifle

You had  walked past the pile of roofing nails every day for weeks.  They weren’t really very useful, but they were noticeable when they were gone.  Strange that how you notice the little things. 

A couple of days later Alice calls you aside – check THIS out she says excitedly.  Immediately, you aren’t very sure what you are looking at but slowly it dawns on you.   It ain’t the height of tech, that’s for sure.  In fact it looks a lot like what it is, a combination of a Biro, some fancy electronics and a very powerful spring.  She presses a button on her phone and immediately a sharpened roofing nail shoots out and embeds itself in the wall by your leg, sinking in a good 2 inches.  Erm nice? you say puzzled.  Then she turns it over and you see what looks like a very clever little mounting hook and suddenly you realise you are looking at the first ever drone mounted weapon.

Your jaw drops, and Alice squeals with excitement as she realises you finally get it. 

There is something empowering about mounting it on the frame of your drone, all of a sudden that simple package delivery drone has got some serious teeth……

Technical Details

Fitting: External, Turret

Power Drain:  Passive 0 cu, Active 10cu

Health: 12

Range: 10 m

Damage: 1-6, Physical

Ammunition: 12 rounds per mag

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